.. Once upon a time, an association was formed in Iran. The basis of this association was that they spoke in two languages ​​and referred to Edni as a reference to an important general case. The association made great strides in that it referred to a finger point as a general case. The government feared that they could form a mass anti-government that no one could understand their intentions would do much harm, so it was forbidden by force. Let me tell you a case. Everyone wanted to
Inside the association, he would come and stand at the door. They would consult with each other in this regard and vote without speaking. When a strange person came, he stood in front of the chairman and looked at his delegation. He saw a strange creature. There was a cup on the table. . But the man was clever, so he took a very thin bouquet of flowers and entered the room with full respect. He made sure that the water in the cup did not move. Everyone was happy. They shook hands and accepted him. All their conversations were with the people and they made a lot of progress, and it caused them to have a sharp mind and a lot of progress. They often talked to each other with their eyes, and finally they talked about cleanliness and eye movement. They said, “Over time, all parts of the United States, such as Mexico, Canada, South and Central America, will be reunited with the public.”
   Addresses of Hazrat Abdu’l-Baha, Volume 2, Page 11