Dear friends, good morning, I hope you are well. The spirit of the promise of a free Iran, the dear athlete of our country, will also be happy. We have seen the same thing in these forty-two years, but do you know why? First they went to the Baha’is, you were silent, because it was not your problem, then they went to the Kurds, you were silent because you were not Kurdish, then they went to the Jews, you were silent because you were not Jewish It was said that a mouse saw a mousetrap in a farm! He told the chickens, sheep, and cows to do something, but everyone said, “Your mousetrap is your problem, it has nothing to do with us!” It was not long before the snake fell into the trap and when the farmer wanted to kill the snake, the snake bit the woman and they made chicken soup for her! They beheaded the sheep for the visitors !! And the poor woman died a few days later and the cow was killed for the funeral! In short, the mousetrap, which apparently was nobody’s problem, caused the farm woman to die, and the chickens, sheep, and cattle to be beheaded !!! And finally, the farmer himself will sit on the black soil and lose everything. The mouse trap involved others before it caught the mouse. There are problems around us that we think are not our problem, or have nothing to do with us, but the story of the mousetrap teaches us that that seemingly irrelevant problem may one day involve us. Never look at other people’s problems like this: This is his problem, it has nothing to do with me. The problem of each of us can be the problem of all. Never say it has nothing to do with us …. rest assured you will be related in the not too distant future


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  1. CAH@!b14

    For forty-two years in Iran, the Baha’i community in Iran has been subjected to successive waves of hostile propaganda and censorship, social exclusion, deprivation of education, deprivation of employment, deprivation of a fair trial, looting and vandalism of property, government confiscation of individual and collective property.  , And fires, mob violence, arbitrary arrests and detentions, physical and psychological torture, death threats, executions, kidnappings and disappearances are rampant, but because they think it has nothing to do with others, they are silent and do not see it.  .  The goal of all this has been to destroy this community. Most Iranians are not hostile to the Baha’is, and the teachings of Islam explicitly promote religious tolerance.  Nevertheless, powerful sections of the Shiite clergy in Iran have always been hostile to the Baha’is and have incited their extremist followers to fight the Baha’is, spreading slander and slander from the pulpits and in the media, resulting in widespread Iranian disregard for the situation.  He has become a miserable Baha’i, and has intimidated opponents of the violation of Baha’i citizenship


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