Historical meeting:

Historical meeting:

A few years ago, in a group of friends, there was a discussion about leaving Iran or staying and legs.

A friend said let me share a memory with you and continued:

“In 1960, I was serving in Shiraz, that city, with several friends, including
I met Mr. Taifi, a member of the Immigration Committee.

One day he told me that tomorrow morning we will have a memorable meeting with some of Shirazi friends, come and use them, because you may not see them again.

  I took leave that day and arrived at his house at eight o'clock.

Colonel Vahdat, Mr. Mahmoud Nejad and his wife, Mr. Ishraqi, and Ms. and Mr. Khoshkho were also present.
After tea and sweets, prayers were offered.

Then Mr. Taifi addressed the audience:
“The purpose of my request to my loved ones to attend this meeting is to express the fact that apparently some
People who have hated and abused the Baha’is for many years and persecuted them in various ways will soon be the source of things and will think of harming you in the first place.
Since each of you is a pillar of God’s command in this city, it is a pity that you are imprisoned by these oppressors and sentenced to imprisonment and execution.
Therefore, my request is that you live in different parts of the country or abroad for a while, until the storm passes and then you return to your service. “

There was a heavy silence in the meeting and everyone was thinking about it.
After a few minutes, Colonel Vahdat’s comments were noticed, because he was older in terms of age and had been appointed by Hazrat Vali Amrullah as Ayadi’s deputy.

Mr. Vahdat broke the silence and said:
 "I have promised Hazrat Vali Amrullah that I will stay and serve in Iran until my last breath.

So stay and share your destiny with Jamal Mubarak
I will leave there and I am satisfied and grateful to him. “
Then the eyes turned to Mr. Mahmoud Nejad, because he was in a good position
And they believed in me and me. He said:

    "We are 'soldiers' face to face. If we empty the trenches, who will protect Amrullah?"

We are in the wind. “Society is all responsible for our suffering
“And let us cling to the endurance rope and let go of whatever it is, God willing.”

Then Mr. Ishraqi gave a speech and said:

“As the old saying goes, if those on horseback run away,
What can be expected from pedestrians?
“Our job is to stay and be content with God’s will.”

At that time, Mr. Khoshkho stated:
“While confirming the opinion of my friends, I add that the wish of the beloved carpenter is to be loved. If this wish is fulfilled by our stay in this city and Fouz as a martyr, it is a field of success.”

Thus ended the meeting.
It did not take long for those loved ones to be arrested one by one, tortured with all kinds of torments, and finally confiscated property and martyrs.

The words of the dear friend who came here, no one said anything else. Tears rolled down her cheeks and her hands went to the prayer booklets on the table.

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  1. Remember them and their souls are happy
    My servant, I remember in the same year, Mr. Haei was in charge of the Amhabi Baha’i Library in Shiraz, and Mr. Ehsami was the secretary of the assembly and the lecturer. His soul was happy. We also went twice a week
    Mr. Pezeshki taught Arabic. I attended Ms. Khoshroui’s class to read the history of Nabil, and the history of the Bah‌’. Faith. These were in addition to the ethics lesson and the monthly teen harassment session. Eagerly, every Friday morning at eight o’clock, when the teenagers of our age and year were asleep, we children of the same age and salmon went to ethics classes, to the methods of cleaning and washing hands and feet and prayers and fasting and respecting the father. And motherhood and care in choosing a friend and all the other psychological content to learn. His poem was: “As much as you can run away from a bad friend / A bad friend was worse than a bad snake
    After the revolution, they showed the poison of their enmity to the Baha’is. They executed all members of national circles three times in a row, and executed most members of local circles and service committees, including Ms. Khoshrouy Aziz, Mr. Mahmoud Nejad, and Mr. Zafar, who was a master of speech and in the production of clothing, when I consulted with him for the name of the drawing office, he suggested the name Taiziz, which had a unique meaning in Turkish, for the name of the office. , And like Mr. Zafar I know unique
    And that’s the name of our company to this day is and will be. Their spirit is happy and their ranks are excellent, however, they later served us for membership in the committee and with the message of the House of Justice with a text to close the Baha’i organization from The side of the High Covenant was from Haifa, thank God that they took me too, because it was amazing, God wanted to convey this message to the leaders of the government of the Islamic Republic as soon as possible, because
    In those years, Bah به’انs were brutally slaughtered and executed only for service and membership in the same organization. This is part of the message that I have preserved to this day.
    Dear friends, the Baha’i organization in Iran is closed until further notice, both prayer and action, the personal interests of the public interest should never be sacrificed and the public interests should not be sacrificed for the personal interest, if it has not been and will not be, we feel our place It is empty in Iran, maybe we do not deserve it. ..


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