Khomeini and Hitler on two scales

Khomeini and Hitler were just as cruel
It should be noted that if Khomeini did not kill as much as Hitler
That is why he was not as powerful as Hitler
The murder rate in the revolutionary courts was large
According to Makarem Shirazi, Friday Imam of Qom:
They kill people so easily in the revolutionary courts
The sheep do not behead either ..

Khomeini’s science and knowledge explicitly states that “all our troubles are with this university and the educated, everything we draw is from this class that says we are intellectuals and we have gone to university and know law. “Everything we kill is one of these.” And, of course, a glance at Khomeini’s book Kashf al-Asrar shows how contemptuously he views modern science. And Hitler insisted, “I will have no intellectual training. “Knowledge destroys my youth.”

… Cruel treatment of certain minorities: Jews, homosexuals, and gypsies in Germany and the Baha’i community in Iran were among the minorities who were not as fortunate as other minorities. In general, treatment of Baha’is before the revolution was far removed from human rights standards, but after the revolution all citizenship rights were revoked. The author recalls an interview with an IRGC officer who was promoted for successfully completing his mission to disperse Baha’i villagers. And of course the treatment of Jews in Germany needs no explanation.
It is not clear why vampire dictators become poets at the end of their lives! How could he be a poet who, when questioned on the plane, had no feelings for Iran or the millions of people who came to greet him ?!
Khomeini is not the first predator to dissolve in the human skin, Your Excellency! Amir Timur Lang was still open to the Qur’an when he had an abortion. Interestingly, unlike Khomeini – who spoke ordinary Persian left-handed and crooked and did not even know the normal speech of a schoolboy – Timur Lang memorized the Qur’an, he could recite the surahs from beginning to end. From the intensity of asceticism and religion! He had to be carried on a journey and during the war to a large wooden mosque; Until His Holiness prays!
He had no mercy on the spirits, and the evil Hulagu and Genghis, who frankly said, “We have come to plunder and kill, and to leave no living thing, not even cats;” Books must be burned and cities destroyed.
At least the alignments were clear. Genghis did not replace Najmuddin Kobra and Attar Neyshabouri. … This time Cain had embellished his face. The wolf was dressed as a ewe; And the demon, the disgrace of man. Sir! He did not say that in the style of the ancient sultans, he dreamed of opening a country and dreaming of an empire, the tail of the export of Islam! می‌زد. He did not say dictatorship, he said: republic; It is also of the Islamic type. It is said that they did not give one to ten ways, he went to Kadkhoda!
… Spying on the people: Both governments encouraged the people to spy on each other in order to gain more control over the people. In the fall of 1961, Khomeini called on students to monitor their teachers and report their deviations to security officials, and on teachers to report the suspicious behavior of students or their parents to the same officials.

In Germany it was so systematic that the Gestapo chief Reinhard Heydrich hired and trained more than 100,000 part-time informants whose job it was to write down the name of anyone critical of the government or leader.

Of course, there are other characteristics in which there are differences between the two dictators. Although Hitler was not interested in teaching knowledge, his own level of knowledge was more or less up to date, but Khomeini was still at the forefront of Islam and ancient Greece.
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Azad Andis
December 12, 2011 ·
Khomeini and Hitler on two scales – which one was more ruthless, anti-people, and more criminal?
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2 thoughts on “Khomeini and Hitler on two scales

  1. The treatment of the Islamic Republic by the Baha’is is reminiscent of the racist treatment of the Jews by the German government
    Both governments did not believe in democracy, freedom and human rights.
    People who were on the ladder of power by Hitler and Khomeini were ousted or killed after coming to power. The massacre of SS leaders ordered by Hitler and Khomeini’s treatment of Bani Sadr, Yazdi and Qutbzadeh illustrate this fact. . Interestingly, this is also seen by other governments, such as Mao in China and Stalin in the Soviet Union.
    # Taizz
    American and European psychologists have psychologized him based on numerous studies and published a report in US New and World Reports. Khomeini has been described as: vengeful, stubborn, stubborn, suspicious, full of resentment. To the extent that this feeling has replaced all other emotions in him. ”

    The following quote from Khomeini mentioned in his book Shafa is another example of the severity of Khomeini’s atrocities:
    “We want the caliph to shake hands, to perform hadd, to stone, as the Messenger of God, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, shakes hands, hadd, stoned, and massacred the Jews of Bani Qurayzah, who were dissatisfied as a group. “If the Messenger of God ordered you to take such and such a place, set fire to such and such a house, destroy such and such a tribe, he has decreed justice.”
    Both fought against existing art forms. Hitler praised art that served Nazi theory, and Khomeini wanted Islamic art. For this reason, Khomeini considered only the song that was composed on the occasion of the reaction of the reactionary Mullah Motahhari to be allowed from music! In Nazi Germany, Hitler considered modern art to be the work of “cultural cavemen, aesthetic dwarfs, and art elves,” and for this reason the works of artists such as Picasso and Van Gogh were collected.


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