Happiness, Part One /

Happiness is our inner sense and the way we look
To the life of Asht.
Happiness is nothing strange
Happiness is a personal and inner feeling
If a festival of happiness is held and all those who feel happy are gathered together, we will see that they are both poor and rich, healthy and sick, old and young. This shows that happiness has nothing to do with anything. .. Fortunately, you share a feeling, in the look, that life with all its good and bad is ours and we should enjoy everything we have.
Tell yourself this every day: Today is the best day of my life. Next year you will be with someone else at this time
You are no longer the person you were last year

99% of physical illnesses are the product of mental illness

The main cause of the disease is that a person is not satisfied with himself and when he wants to sleep at night, his inner self asks him what did you do today?

Whose heart did you please?

Who did you make happy today?

Put your work on the table at night; If you see a smile between them that shines like a sun and one’s heart is warm,
That Rosette
You did not invalidate

Human wealth is the joys it produces
And these are the joys that…

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  1. When we say how difficult life is, we want to carry all the worries of the next few years of life with us in one day. Isn’t it stupid to take a year-long baggage for a day trip?
    If we change our thoughts, in the blink of an eye, all our situations and circumstances will change because our world is the crystallization of our own thoughts. … Glass has no kinship closer to itself … Every failure that befalls anyone is its own


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