This film is the story of a man who does not admit his guilt and always seeks to escape from prison (gaining freedom), and in the end, the dreaded French prison can not deprive him of his freedom.
It is a fascinating story of the life of Art Sharier, which he wrote based on his own life in the 606-page book “Bow Tie”. He was the victim of an unknown conspiracy and on the wrong charge of a murder he had never committed, he was sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labor in one of the French colonies. The compulsion of the outside world to imprison his soul and body is in turmoil. The theme of freedom and libertarianism and its unique connection with the artistic character and his special and attractive name “Papion”, which he obtained for the existence of a butterfly tattoo on his body and again announces the innocence and freedom of his soul, is so fascinating and fascinating that any. .

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