Algebra and free will of the first part

We are all actors in this game. We mirror each other’s grief When one looks at the events of the universe, one sees that thousands of algebraic events occur in the world, in which one has no involvement.  (So pure authority is denied)

 On the other hand, thousands of individual and social actions are issued by human beings, which have taken place entirely by will and free will.  (So ​​the presence algebra is negated)

 Human intellect dictates that we have thousands of choices and choices between the two determinants of birth and death, all evolutions and degradations, wars and peace, etc. have been done by human free will.

 Therefore, when the pure Imams were asked about predestination and authority, they replied: neither absolute predestination is absolute nor absolute authority (delegation);  Rather, something is right between the two.  “Al-Sadiq (peace be upon him) said: There is no compulsion, no delegation, and there is no matter between the commanders.”

 Rumi’s view on determinism and free will

 With this short introduction, let us reach Rumi’s view on the issue of determinism and free will.  what is your opinion?

 Rumi’s mental turmoil on the one hand and the complexity of the issue of determinism and free will on the other hand has caused him to have different positions in different situations.  Hence, some have introduced him as algebraic and others as voluntary.

 The truth of the matter is that one cannot give a final opinion by relying on a few verses of Rumi’s poems.  Rather, all the poems related to algebra and free will should be put together and after a thorough examination of all his poems, his final opinion was reached.

 The truth of the matter is that Rumi is neither a coercion nor a pure authority (delegation).  Rather, he is a follower of the middle school and moderation, and following the Holy Qur’an, which has both algebraic and optional verses, he also has algebraic poems and algebraic poems

He has written so much poetry in denial of absolute determinism that some have mistakenly considered Rumi a Mu’tazilite.  While he was never a Mu’tazilite, he himself explicitly denied Etzal and said:

 The eye of the senses is the religion of Etzal / seen by the intellect is Sunni in carpentry

 It is ridiculous for the people of Etzal / Sunni to be misled

 Whoever stays in his senses is a Mu’tazilite / although he says that Sunim is from ignorance

 Whoever comes out is from his Sunni sense / His family is the eyes of the wise

 If you see the sense of the king’s animal / then you see the cow and the donkey of God

 Because he did not come out of the senses, he is a human being from the image of the unseen Ajami

 This was the interpretation of the people of Etzal / and he who has no light

 The differences of reason were in principle / should be heard according to the Sunnis

 Contrary to the saying of the people of Etzal / Who are the intellects of the principle of moderation

 Experience and education more or less / to announce one by one

 It is false that this is the opinion of a child / who does not have experience in a profession

 Bardmid thought of a small / old child with a hundred odor experiences

 The more it is, the more it is by nature / the more it is by effort and thought

 Therefore, according to Rumi, the school of Etzal is a false school, and more false than that.They know predestination, son / May God open them in the heart of sight

 The unseen of the future was revealed to them / the mention of the past was revealed to them

 Their will and destiny is different / The drops in the shells are gems

 There is a small and big drop outside / In its shell there is a small and big door

 The umbilical cord nature of that people / from the outside of the blood and inside the muskrats

 You did not say that Kane was out of blood / because the river was black in the navel

 Free will and predestination in you / because the light of glory has gone away

 Chou bread is on the table, be it frozen / be in the body of the people, he is a happy soul

 Do not be in the heart of the table

 The power of the soul is this, O righteous reader / What is the power of that soul of the soul?

 According to Rumi, algebra has two procedures.  The external procedure of algebra belongs to outsiders and the common people.

 But its inner surface belongs to the properties.  Like deer umbilical cord blood that is outside the blood but musk inside the deer umbilical cord.  Or because iron is black and cold outside, but red and hot inside the furnace.  Folk algebra is iron outside the furnace.  But algebra is the properties of iron at the heart of fire.  Iron is hot in the furnace, but it is hot.  To reach the heat, you must enter the fire oven.  Reaching the furnace and trying in this way can not reach this algebraic heat if it is not available.  Therefore, he said: Algebra is the property of algebra after receipt, and the algebra of the common people is algebra before receipt and algebra is dead and cold and silent.  But the algebra of properties is a living, warm and clear algebra.

 The best kind of algebra is mystical algebra

 2- Mystical algebra

 The best kind of algebra is the most mystical.  Mysticism algebra is reaching a stage of perfection in which a person considers himself the product and purpose of Hazrat Haqq.  Be aware of the truths of the world and discover the secrets of events.  Achieving this stage requires thousands of hassles and years of effort day and night.

 At this time, the mystic will leave the world of disabilities and will travel in the world of causes.

 Until now, he had traveled and endured the hardships of conduct, carrying the burden of slavery and carrying it.  But from now on, carriers are found for him and he himself becomes a predicate.  Others will carry him.  Until now, he was affected by events, but from now on, the mystic influences events.  It is not an arbitrary influence, but an influence influenced by the lover whose shadow is on the lover.

 He was a bearer of religion, he was imposted / his bad command could be accepted

 Until now, the king accepted the order / after that, he gave the order to the IRGC

 So far, Akhtar has had a Kurdish effect on him / after this, Amir Akhtar is his

 If you have a problem in your mind / then you have doubts about the formation of the moon

 Refresh the faith, not the words, refresh the tongue in secret

 Until Hui is fresh, faith is not new / Kane Hui is nothing but the lock of that gate

 Have you interpreted the pristine word / yourself or not the dhikr

 Mystical algebra is the ascent and flight of the kingdom.  Finding feathers creates the desire to fly and increases effort.  Because the power of flight introduces him to new truths and reveals the greatness of the deity to him more, and the higher the seeker feels, the lower he feels, so his prostration becomes more and more lasting.  When he realizes the priority and the end of His Majesty “He is the First and the Last and the Outward and the Inward”, he realizes his insignificance and his holy tongue is opened and he prostrates and will say: “Praise be to God!”

 This is where he will find out that the seeker is also a follower of the beloved and he has resorted to the force of gravity.

 I ask of you and it is good / We are first in you and last in you

 Say it and you hear it and you are it / We all lash out with several attempts

 The saddle of desire-sending remittance in prostration / laziness sends algebra and gloom

 Algebra is full of wings / Algebra is the prison and prison of Kahlan

 Like the water of the Nile, give this algebra / the water of the believer and the blood of the dead

 He took the wing players to the Sultan / He took the Zaghan wings to the cemetery

 3. Algebra and coercion

 Compensation has different meanings, one of which means compensation.  Compensation means very compensatory.  The world of predestination has been called predestination because it compensates for the shortcomings of the infallible world and repairs the shortcomings of this world.

 One of the noble names of Bari is the Almighty.
 Man is nothing without divine attention.  The physical and spiritual strength of man is all from God.  Therefore, the conscious and mystical man deserves thanks to God in everything he does.  Because he believes that if there is no divine compulsion, the weak human being can do nothing.

 Pre-power to create the sentence barge / helpless because pre-needle work

 Sometimes he plays the role of a demon and shit / sometimes his role is joy and shit

 Reed hand to hand to repel / speech reed to the tail of harm and benefit

 You read the Qur’an from the interpretation of the verse / He said, “Our God, forgive us if you forgive.”

 If we fly, its arrow is also ours / We are God’s bow and arrow

 This is not coercion, this is coercive meaning / coercive mention is for lamentation

 Garz Jabrsh Zariet Koo / Insight Chains Jabarit Koo

 The more conscious and mystical a person is, the more he understands the divine authority.  The most powerful, conscious human beings have considered themselves the most needy, mortal and humiliated people before God.

 * At the end of the conversation, please have your final summary of what has been said

 – If one examines the poems related to Rumi’s authority, he will consider him as a purely authoritative and delegated human being.

 If he reads only the poems related to algebra, he will consider him an algebra in every sense.  Because neither was true alone, Rumi did not suffice to mention just one of the two.

 Therefore, Rumi should not be considered coercive or delegated.  Because none of the Ash’arite and Mu’tazilite tribes have ever defended the views of their opponents.  It could not be coercive but defended the will;  Or it was voluntary and at the same time it supported algebra.

 The final opinion on algebra and authority from Rumi’s point of view

 The correct saying about Rumi, considering all his poems in this regard, is this:

 First;  He accepted the “command among the commanders” and was a supporter of the middle school.  Of course, he did not express the phrase “amr bin’at al-amrin”, but he fully presented its content and was committed to it.

 Secondly;  The issue of determinism, will, judgment, and predestination is one of the most complex, mysterious, and mysterious issues that no one has said a word about.

 Even when asked about this by the pure Imams, some gave a general answer and some said to the questioner that this is a divine secret;  It is a deep sea.  You do not get into it and phrases like these that indicate beyond human comprehension of these issues.

 Hence, many elders have been contradictory in this regard.  Because the issue itself has contradictory procedures.

 If it seems so and if it is against this / except that the work of religion is not surprising

 Not so surprised that his back is to him / But so surprised and drowned and drunk friend

 On the issue of the war of opposites, although all are subjugated by one providence and the result of one cause, he has given various opinions to resolve these contradictions, and finally says: Perhaps the correct promise is that all this is based on the wisdom that lies behind it.  It has not been discovered on us.

 Because oil is secreted from water / Why are water and oil opposed ?!

 Because the flower is made of thorns and the thorn is made of flowers, why / Both are in war and in the story

 Or is it a war? This is for wisdom / It is like a war of industry idiots

 Either it is not and it is not astonishing / the treasure must be sought for this destruction

 Third, in any case, the important thing is that one uses algebra and authority in the path of evolution.  Algebra is the two wings of humanity that God has made the means of human flight.

 Divine guides and religious leaders have all come to show people their home and purpose and to learn the way to reach the goal.  Those who believed in the divine teachings flew to their destination in the light of the guidance of the guides and were saved, and those who turned away from the divine guides and flew in the direction of the ungodly, perished.  These two wings can cause both prosperity and misguidance.

 It is better to pluck a feather that blows a man’s head