One thought on “How do you find your niche?

  1. .You’ve all heard the phrase, “if you try to be good at everything, you’ll be excellent at nothing.”

    But unless you’re one of the lucky ones, finding your niche can be really difficult.

    Don’t feel bad if you haven’t found yours yet

    Hit up Google with a “best niches of 2020” search and you’ll be bombarded with 3,140,000 results. Now, you could close your eyes and pick any one at random to kick off your new decade — but that would be a route straight to dead-ends…After

    defining your skill, research it

    So, you’ve taken stock of your rare and valuable skills and you’ve identified a niche you’d love to work in. Now you have to make sure there are people willing to buy what you’re selling.

    A good old-fashioned look at search volume is an easy way to check out the popularity of your chosen skill.


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