Is Facebook trustworthy?

Is Facebook trustworthy?

Facebook is a social network with millions of incredibly loyal active users

Facebook has become an unavoidable integral part of people in the world. Something like a snack. Internet addiction has become an atomic theory of addiction to popular social networks, especially around the world. Unfortunately, the public is always more superficial than investors and politicians, and they are very easily influenced by advertising, and the behavior of celebrities easily hypnotizes the public. Sometimes people forget why technology was created for comfort, not for comfort. More stress Facebook’s social networking mind hides their inhuman goals behind recreational attractions and interesting and practical facilities

FQ “God does not put anyone in people’s mouths.” This proverb is now expressed with some modification in such a way that God does not put anyone in the mouth of Facebook, otherwise he has recited his Fatiha.

People’s immense belief in social networks is so strong that politicians and social activists consider social networks, especially Facebook, as the best platform for their activities and the best tool to destroy the opponent. During the presidential campaign, the candidates, along with the team that posted the candidates’ activities on social media, each candidate had a number of secret users whose job it was to destroy the opponent. These users are called Facebook users or Facebook drivers.

However, social networks are a powerful tool for bringing people together in the world. But unfortunately this method is different. Social networks are now fueling divisions, conflicts, and ethnic, linguistic, religious, and regional divisions. For this reason, some people try to stay away from social networks, especially Facebook. If Facebook and Twitter support Mr. Trump

He was not cut off, he did not fall in the second round

Examples that happened to me are my posts because of my belief in God. They saw the sw7rn enemies of the Bahائ’. Faith, whose task was to destroy the adversary. To these users (Facebook چ چلونکی)

Or Facebook drivers say

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